Antique Helicopters

Hiller Hornet, manufactured by Hiller Helicopters of California as a US Army prototype in the mid 1950s, 2 helicopters available, powered by main rotor blade tip ram jet engines burning most any type of fuel. Some
slight assembly and TLC needed. Suitable for any aviation collection or museum display.

Youtube - Hiller Hornet

Early 1960s Hughes YOH-6 Helicopter manufactured for the US Army LOH competition which Hughes won and was awarded the contract to manufacture the OH-6 for the Vietnam. This is a unique helicopter and different from the OH-6 in many ways, suitable for any collection or museum display.
Only a hand full of these were manufactured and only 2 are known to exist in the world. This a real piece of pioneering America aviation history. Looking to sell outright or trades considered.

Bell YOH-4 Helicopter from the early 1960s, predecessor of the Bell 206 Jet Range. This is a prototype manufactured for the US Army LOH Helicopter competition which Hughes originally won and was awarded the contract. Bell went back to the drawing board and designed the Bell 206 Jet Ranger and this design was abandoned. Only and handful were manufactured and perhaps only two remaining in the world. This is a real piece of helicopter pioneering history and a great addition to any aviation collection or museum.

Rolled out in 1959, this Helicopter Trainer was powered by a Hirth 40hp ILO piston engine and had a twenty-one foot counterbalanced fiberglass rotor blade. In all eighteen of these Heli-Trainers were built operating throughout Europe, training military helicopter pilots. Although unable to fly, they were ideal for the teaching of hovering techniques and were replaced by dual trainer helicopters. A later flyable version, the Bo-103 was built using the same rotor system. Some slight assembly required, been in a private collection for several years.

Kaman HTK-1

Designated the HTK-1, this was a refined version of the earlier K-225 and twenty-nine of these HTK-1s were built between 1951 and 1953.

They served with the Navy at Pensacola until 1957. The HTK-1 was powered by a Lycoming O-435-4 piston engine developing 240hp.Technical data for Kaman HTK-1

Engine: 1 x Lycoming O-435 piston engine, rated at 180kW, rotor diameter: 12.2m, take-off weight: 1155kg, empty weight: 735kg, max speed: 130km/h, max speed: 130km/h, cruising speed: 101km/h, range: 212km

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