Eastern Shore Helicopters has sold helicopter and airplane fuselages as well as parts for use in the movie industry, for static displays in restaurants and bars, theme parks, and even a Zoo. Let us know what your requirements are.


**FOR SALE** Bell 206 OH58 Fuselage on low landing gear, suitable for static display, restaurant, bar, movie prop, museum, tree house, you name it, sky is the limit!

**FOR SALE** Agusta 109A, Complete executive style helicopter suitable for static display, 7 passenger leather interior, 2 in front 5 in back. Complete
instrument panel, on wheeled landing gear.

**FOR SALE** Helicopter fuselages available for static display, several Hughes OH6
500s, a Bell UH1 205 Huey, Bell 206 OH58, Agusta 109A


Movie or Display Helicopters.  We can supply various models as needed for your requirements.

UH-1H Fuselage


Speckled Pecker AH-1G.  114th Assault Helicopter Company. Nihn Long, April 1971 


C Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry

OH-6 Engine Door


Comanche headdress on OH-6A, C Troop, 7th Squadron, 1st Cavalry    OH-6A  Engine Door 


The Professionals. UH-1C 175th Assaut Helicopter Company.  Vihn Long, 1968


ZIG-ZAG. OH-6A, 67-16438.  11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. Camp Di An, 1970 


254th Medical Detachment. Nha Trang, 1970

UH-1H Panel 


Comanche represented C Troop, and the two-color guidon in a yellow triangle represented the 7th Squadron

OH-6A Engine Door 


WAR WAGON. UH-1H. B Company, 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion.  UH-1H Door


Wanted: Uncle Ho Dead or Alive. UH-1H 335th Assault Helicopter Company. Phu Hiep 1969

Replica on a OH 6A rear door


For questions regarding Art work, Movie props, Static displays or for payment information please email  name, contact information, and brief descriptions of needs.  Thank You!

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